Zagreb Airport plans Ljubljana bus link

Zagreb Airport plans to launch a shuttle bus service from downtown Ljubljana to attract a greater number of Slovenian travellers. The airport has confirmed it is working on the project but is yet to finalise when the new service would launch, the exact frequencies and the schedule. “We expect the service will start operating this summer season”, Zagreb Airport said. Both Zagreb Airport and Croatia Airlines have both said they have seen an increased number of Slovenian travellers since the collapse of Adria Airways in September 2019. Ryanair, which has a base in Zagreb, told EX-YU Aviation News, “We see a lot of passengers from Slovenia on our Zagreb flights. Even if you go to Zagreb Airport, either in departures or arrivals, you will see that there are lot of Slovenians. At the airport’s parking one will notice many cars with Slovenian car plates. We know and we are sure that we are covering the Slovenian market well from Zagreb Airport”.

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