Wizz Air Achieves Sustainability Milestones

DALLAS – Wizz Air (W6) has recently released its annual sustainability update, highlighting the strides it has made towards its sustainability goals.

One of the achievements in fiscal year 2023 was the airline’s reduction in carbon emissions intensity. With an impressive decrease of 11% compared to the previous fiscal year’s performance, the airline achieved its lowest ever recorded carbon emissions intensity, settling at 53.8 grams per passenger/km.

Notably, this figure also surpassed the performance of major competitor airlines, underscoring W6’s commitment to being a pioneer in sustainability within the aviation industry.

The fleet renewal and expansion program were integral to W6’s success, with 35 new A321neo aircraft joining their fleet. This strategic move not only boosted their operational capacity but also contributed to a reduction in the fleet’s average age to 4.6 years.

This makes W6 fleet the youngest of any European airline boasting over 100 aircraft, signaling their dedication to incorporating advanced technologies and more fuel-efficient planes to enhance sustainability efforts.

Furthermore, the carrier made agreements in sourcing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) with four SAF producers, namely Mabanaft/P2X Europe, OMV, Neste, and Cepsa. The airline also took bold steps towards investing in biofuel companies.

With a £5 million equity investment in a British biofuel company called Firefly and participating in a US$50 million investment in CleanJoule, a US-based biofuel start-up, Wizz Air actively demonstrated its commitment to promoting renewable and environmentally friendly alternatives within the industry.

Wizz Air is member of the European Commission’s Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation and the Renewable and Low-Carbon Fuels Value Chain Industrial Alliance.

Featured image: Wizz Air Airbus A321neo HA-LZA. Photo: Dominik Csordás/Airways

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