US Airline Responds To Passenger Who Tweeted About No Child Meal On Flight

US Airline Responds To Passenger Who Tweeted About No Child Meal On Flight

Mr shared that his ordeal began with a flight delay

A man named Uttiya Basu took to X, formerly Twitter, to share a “painful experience” while flying with United Airlines. Mr Basu who was travelling from Delhi to Newark shared his experience in a series of tweets. He shared that his ordeal began with a flight delay, service concerns mid-air, and inadequate food provisions for their child.

He wrote, “Getting on to the flight, we started a 16-hour journey with a 3-year-old child who has special needs. This fact was already conveyed to United customer service over 4 weeks ago by me.”

Mr Basu in his tweet claimed that the airline staff neglected to load his child’s meal despite it being specified on the ticket. In his tweet, Mr Basu shared that the flight attendant got annoyed at the behaviour of his son, who has special needs. His wife had to use the food they had brought along for the 3-year-old child.

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Mr Basu in a follow-up tweet mentioned that the child started crying because he was hungry and was in an unfamiliar environment. The man tried to distract him and he started playing with the IFE screen and was excitedly making sounds. The tweet mentioned that the flight attendant was impolite and asked the child’s mother to pacify the baby.

“While my wife is mixing the cereal, my son is crying due to an unfamiliar place and environment,” Mr Basu recounted. Nevertheless, after eating, the child engaged in play. “He let out a few small squeals and laughs due to excitement of finding his shows on the IFE. This is when a flight attendant comes over and starts rudely rebuking my wife!” he wrote.

The staff told the child’s mother, “Ma’am, your child SIMPLY cannot be making any noise. This is rest time, Everyone is sleeping. You are DOING NOTHING to keep him quiet. You need to keep him silent… I have two children and I know how to be a mother to them. You need to do SOMETHING.”

United Airlines offered an apology to Mr Basu and offered him some vouchers, which did not satisfy the father at all. He wrote that he was offered a $100 voucher and a representative called him to apologise and asked him to pass it on to the mother.

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