Ural A320 Likely to Spend Winter in Russian Field

DALLAS — It looks like the Ural Airlines (U6) Airbus A320 that ditched in a field in September will spend the winter at that location. Reports on the Russian website KP-Novosibirsk indicate that the head of the Ubinsky District in Russia, Oleg Konyuk, said U6 representatives advised him that the plane might be “mothballed” for the winter.

The U6-operated Airbus A320 has been left stranded since September 12, when pilots were forced to make an emergency landing in a field. There were 167 people on board, including 23 children and six crew members. You can read aboutthat incident here.

“It does not depend on me. This will be decided by the airline. Today they say this, and tomorrow they may say something else. They decide whether the plane can take off or not, whether it will be right or wrong,” Konyuk reportedly told the website.

Aerotime.aero reported that most experts thought that U6 was waiting for the ground to freeze to then attempt to fly out of the field.  But now, in light of Konyuk’s statement, it’s likely that the plane will stay in place until after winter.

Konyuk additionally mentioned that, with the arrival of frost, there is currently no snow. He suggested that it would be advantageous to begin preparing the site within the next couple of days by initiating the use of graders. However, he clarified that this is his personal opinion and acknowledged that he is not an expert in the matter. He emphasized that the final decision does not rest with him.

The airline recently released new photos showcasing the condition of the site. These images, which were shared on social media, reveal the presence of a fence surrounding the aircraft. Within the enclosed area, there are visible structures such as a caravan, a shipping container, and a portable toilet.

Unanswered Questions

Earlier in November, the Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia dismissed an initial report into the cause of the emergency landing.  However, the exact reason for the dismissal was not revealed.

The original report stated that the forced landing occurred as a result of a combination of several factors, including errors made by the pilots in determining the actual position of the landing gear and doors after the failure of the green hydraulic system.

The crew also erred in calculating the required amount of fuel required for the diversion flight and made an “unfounded decision” to leave for an alternate airfield in Novosibirsk.

Featured image: Ural Airlines Airbus A320. Photo: Daniel Gorun/Airways

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