United Airlines plane clips the tail of parked Delta aircraft, shaking passengers

A United Airlines flight clipped the tail of a parked Delta plane at Boston Logan International Airport — a harrowing collision that shook both aircraft and startled passengers.

Video taken from inside the United flight shows the Newark, N.J.-bound plane slowly approaching the parked aircraft around 7:20 p.m. Friday, with its wing smacking the tail of the Delta plane.

Both planes are seen rocking back and forth following the collision.

Alex Wilson, who was aboard the Delta flight, said he and fellow passengers were frightened by the incident, which left the plane shaking for several seconds.

“(It) wasn’t immediately clear what caused this, although it felt like a brief earthquake,” he told CNN.

Shortly after the collision, emergency vehicles were sent onto the tarmac, and the pilot told passengers what had happened.

pictured is the wing of a United Airlines plane clipping the tail of a parked Delta flight.
The wing of a United Airlines plane clipped the tail of a parked Delta flight on Friday.

a longshot of a Delta plane being towed away at Boston Logan International Airport.
The Delta plane needed to be towed away at the Boston Logan International Airport.

pictured is the tower message to a Delta plane before it was to take off
Both the Delta and United passengers were deplaned and booked on other flights.

The Federal Aviation Administration said no injuries were reported.

Wilson said his flight was eventually towed away and delayed, a fate it shared with the United Airlines passengers.

United confirmed one of its planes clipped the Delta flight on Friday, saying passengers were deplaned at the gate and rebooked on other flights.

In a statement, Delta said it also rebooked passengers bound to Detroit after their plane was struck “while awaiting takeoff clearance.”

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