UK passengers bound for Palma already being hit by airline chaos

No sooner had the Bulletin published a warning over UK to Mallorca flight disruption this summer due to Europe-wide industrial action, the Bulletin received a letter from the mother of a Palma-bound passenger hit by the flight cancellations.

“My son flew here (Mallorca) from London on Friday, his flight was cancelled, he only got the text when he got to the airport, no one at Gatwick to help, no flights to Palma … 24 hrs later, after sleeping on the floor at the airport, he managed to get here via Barcelona, had to pay for his girlfriend’s suitcase; no info from the airline.

“They have pretty much lost 2 days of a 7 day holiday here including a family reunion on Sat as they were too tired to do anything! He told me there were some elderly couples sleeping at the airport too, not knowing how to organize anything ( even though easyJet didn’t pick up – customer services number … he was on hold several times for hours at a time … hope it was a free number! ) It is dreadful what the airlines are doing to families visiting Mallorca, it puts you off travelling! As with most people, he doesn’t get many days off work so it really spoilt his plans… fingers x it will be OK returning next weekend! Really sad … it is affecting so many!

“All hotels around Gatwick were fully booked … but they would have had to pay and didn’t want to go further into London in case they weren’t able to claim their money back!”

easyJet has axed 2% of its summer flight schedule, affecting the holiday plans of 180,000 customers, which it blamed on air traffic control challenges across Europe.

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The travel industry is on high alert for disruption this summer after Europe’s peak season last year was hit by cancellations, causing chaos at airports, because the industry did not have enough staff to handle the rapid bounce back in demand after the pandemic.

This summer, air traffic control issues are likely to be the weak spot, according to warnings from Eurocontrol, which manages European airspace.
EasyJet, the biggest airline in the UK by number of passengers, said on Monday that making changes now meant it could avoid last-minute cancellations which were more costly and caused passengers more inconvenience.

The airline said it had plenty of crew and pilots but worries over air traffic meant it had cancelled 1,700 flights, mostly from its biggest base at London’s Gatwick airport, out of the 90,000 scheduled for the rest of July and August.

It said 95% of affected passengers had already been re-booked on an alternative flight because it had mostly consolidated flights with multiple frequencies.

Europe’s airspace has been squeezed by the war in Ukraine leaving less capacity for aircraft, plus staffing issues at some air control locations and industrial action are causing bottlenecks, making on the day cancellations more likely.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused,” easyJet said in a statement.

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