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Two airlines are interested in establishing flights from the International Airport in Tuzla, learns. This is positive news after Wizz Air decided to close its base and drastically reduce the number of operations.

The low-budget airline Wizz Air made a decision to close its base at the Tuzla International Airport in September of this year and drastically reduce the number of operations.

This particularly worried Bosnia and Herzegovina’s  diaspora that largely used the services of the Tuzla airport and the mentioned airline.

Wizz Air’s decision, as we previously announced, will also affect the revenues of Tuzla airport, however, the airport management is looking for a way to replace the lines that will be canceled.

As learns, two airlines have so far expressed interest in the possible establishment of their lines from Tuzla on their own initiative, and the initial negotiations have already been completed.

According to the source, one is a national airline while the other deals with charter operations, with the fact that in the context of Tuzla, they could reorient their way of doing business.

After the initial talks, the official submission of the companies’ offers should soon follow, which will be a step closer to establishing cooperation.

If everything goes according to plan, the first lines could possibly be expected in September or with the beginning of the winter flying season.

After the period of the coronavirus pandemic, Tuzla International Airport started to stand increase passengers, and the business results for this year are excellent. A few months ago, they recorded their personal records, and in July they transported close to 70,000 passengers.

Most of the people were transported by the airline Wizz Air, with whose representatives, after the decision was made, and as confirmed for, the management of the Tuzla airport held talks.

As it has been confirmed, their decision to close the base is still in effect, and the lines to Basel Mulhouse, Dortmund, Frankfurt-Hahn and Memmingen remain.

On the other hand, talks were also held with representatives of the Ryanair airline, which has currently suspended flights from Tuzla, and the return could follow if the tax of three convertible marks, which they have to pay per passenger, is abolished.

It is because of this tax, which is disputed by Ryanair, that flights from Tuzla have been temporarily suspended, and could be re-established if the Directorate for Civil Aviation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHDCA) grants their request.

In addition to Tuzla, the administrations of the airports in Mostar and Banja Luka also submitted a request for the abolition of this tax. All of them addressed the Ministry of Transport and Communications of BiH and the BHDCA.

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