Turkish Airlines Introduces Online Booking for Pets

DALLASTurkish Airlines (TK), the world’s most internationally connected airline, has introduced the ability for passengers to book flight services specifically for their pets. These animals can travel both in-cabin or in the aircraft hold for the duration of the flight. Upon the flight’s arrival, the owner would have to display the pet’s documents.

Cats, dogs, and birds are among the animals permitted to travel along with the passenger in the cabin. No animal exceeding 50kg in weight can be transported in either part of the aircraft, and the maximum dimensions of a pet-carrying cage are 75cm height x 75cm width x 125cm length. If the crate is too large, the animal will be transported through TK Cargo services. Automatic drink dispensers are included in these crates, along with other resources that pets need throughout the flight.

All pets traveling must also hold all required documents to enter the aircraft legally. This includes an official health certificate written and approved by one’s veterinarian and any other identification documents necessary for cats and dogs. Birds must require a flight certificate before entering the aircraft. Rabies vaccines should be given no more than one year before the flight.

TC-LSD Turkish Airlines Airbus A321neo. Photo: Adrian Nowakowski/Airways.

Remarks from Turkish Airlines

“We understand and value the importance of our passengers’ beloved pets and we’re pleased to introduce this online process which will make the booking experience easier than ever. Providing an effortless premium travel experience is at the core of our mission, and this new service is another important add-on that we’re glad to offer,” TK Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee Dr Ahmet Bolat stated.

While nations like the United Kingdom hold strict regulations against pet-related transport, TK’s inclusive booking suggests a shift in the aviation industry’s standing on how animals should be transported from one location to another. Carriers are now strategizing new ways for passengers to bring their pet companions with ease and minimal disruption.

Featured image: C-LNF Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300 KBOS BOS. Photo: Marty Basaria/Airways

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