A Turkish Airlines cabin crew member broke her back after the plane she was on hit turbulence, Hürriyet, Turkey’s biggest newspaper, reported on May 26.

The flight attendant was working on a 50-minute domestic flight from Turkey’s biggest city, Istanbul, to Izmir, in the west of the country.

The Airbus A321 aircraft hit turbulence shortly after the pilot’s warning to fasten seat belts.

The plane had experienced a sudden loss of altitude.

A crew member was thrown to the ceiling and then fell hard to the floor, resulting in a broken backbone.

She was just two months on the job.

Upon landing in İzmir, the injured crew member was immediately taken to the hospital.

Medical staff confirmed that the crew member had suffered a broken vertebra.

The report did not say if any passengers were injured.

At least two other cases of turbulence mid-flight that resulted in injuries were reported in recent weeks.

Top photo via Turkish Airlines

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