TRIP REPORT: Wizz Air, Nice - Belgrade

Written by Ilija Bogdanović

Aircraft : A321
Flight Number: W6 4026
Flight Time: 01:30 mins

Hello everyone, today a trip report from my Wizz Air flight between Nice and Belgrade.
I left my house at 7PM and headed to the train station, which is also where the busses leave, in order to take the number 200/620 bus to the airport. The ticket costs 2,50 euros. Upon arrival at the airport, I ran to Terminal 2, since, according to Wizz Air, the flight was on time. However, as it turned out, it was late by an hour and 45 minutes.

Inside Terminal 2, I saw the Scottish Rugby team, who had arrived to prepare for the Rugby World Cup. I talked to them a bit and by that time our plane from Belgrade had landed. We were assigned gate B24. The gate area was full.

After waiting for around 25 minutes at the gate, boarding finally began. I had seat 38A. The seat had very limited legroom and was not too comfortable.

We took off from Nice at 11PM. I was not hungry but I was thirsty, so I purchased coke for a couple of euros. The crew was rather nice and generous.

We approached Belgrade and lined up for landing at runway 30L. We had a beautiful view of the Serbian capital during approach. We touched down at 1AM, almost two hours behind schedule. As the passengers disembarked, I took the opportunity to ask the pilots to enter the cockpit. They accepted my request and I took some photos.

I disembarked the plane and had some nice views along the corridors headed towards arrivals. When I arrived at passport control the queue was long. It took me around 10 – 15 minutes to pass the passport check.

As I exited the airport from the new building, I saw that a lot of the surrounding area has been upgraded since I last travellered to Belgrade, like the new control tower.

It was a good flight, thanks to the cabin crew 🙂

Thanks everyone!

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