Written by Ilija Bogdanović

Aircraft: A321neo (9H-WBM)
Flight: Belgrade to Nice
Flight time: 1:45
Flight Date: July 17th July 2023
Before going to the airport, I visit Belgrade one last time, I say goodbye to my family before an average flight to France.

It is around 2pm, I arrive at the airport, the new control tower is sublime, the airport becomes larger but I wonder what will become of the old control tower.

First remark, check-in took a lot of time, the queue was big and it was staffed by inexperienced young people.

Once completed, I go upstairs for security and enjoy the Duty Free. I also notice new things after construction, only positive for me!
Last call for the flight to Nice, I rush to the gate as my plane has arrived! The little Wizz Air A321neo.

My seat was the 15A, it is comfortable, and the legroom is fine.
Imminent take-off, from runway 30L, we turn and we have a sublime view of the airport, and the whole of Belgrade knowing that I will not see my family for a long time unfortunately.

During the cruise, I ordered a sandwich and a coke, for a rather reasonable price. The crew did their jobs well. They listened to customers and you could also talk and joke with them..
We started our descent and I had a nice view of my city, Cannes, as well as a very beautiful and pleasant view of the Alps behind.

We arrived after 1 hour 45 minutes of flying and I continued to Cannes the next day,

I would like to thank the crew, with whom I was able to talk to for a long time, who did done their job properly. I also thank the pilots who allowed me to enter the cockpit, and also Ex-Yu!

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