TRIP REPORT: Lufthansa, Belgrade - Frankfurt

Last month I flew with Lufthansa for the first time in over a year and decided to share my experience with you. I took the morning flight from Belgrade to Frankfurt (6.15AM departure). I booked the ticket a month in advance and fares were quite expensive but business class was just 1,800 RSD (around 9 euros) more expensive than the remaining economy class fares that were available, so I opted for business.

The Lufthansa Group is still using the check-in area between the new central processor building and Terminal 1 (or at least was at the time). Since there were a lot of check-in desks open (as they serve all Lufthansa Group airlines) there was no queue. Despite being just before the Air Serbia morning rush, there was no major lines at passport control either, although as a business class passenger you can use the fast track lane which now includes a special lane both for passport control and security (and is very useful when it is busy).

Since it was early, I headed to the lounge. Lufthansa uses the Business Club lounge. It was around 5AM and I realised that the lounge doesn’t open until 6AM. You really must wonder why the airport, which has this Lufthansa flight in the morning for years and years, as well as several other Lufthansa Group flights at that time does not make an effort to open the lounge an hour earlier. Of course, there was a line of people waiting in front for the doors to be unlocked.

I installed the Lufthansa mobile app the evening before my flight and must say I was impressed. The app featured information on where your aircraft was coming from (its previous flight) and gave constant updates on the location of your luggage (in the luggage sorting facility or loaded onto the plane). It also gave gate information for connecting flights. I found it very sleek and useful. If your luggage is lost you can report it straight through the app.

Our aircraft, an A321, was full in economy, with 3 seats empty in business (all in the first row). I can’t exactly remember how many rows were dedicated to business class on this flight. I was seated in the first row. As these are eurobusiness seats, the middle seat is blocked. The crew was nice and greeted everyone at the door. They even tried doing the greetings in Serbian. I have generally had rather bad experiences flying with Lufthansa from Belgrade (delayed flights, lost luggage) but this time around everything went smoothly.

Several minutes after being airborne a recorded message was played that WiFi was available. The pricing is rather decent, and the WiFi homepage gives you the opportunity to see where you are and the remining time until arrival.

The crew then came by with breakfast and drinks, which was all pleasant. A selection of warm bread from the breadbasket was also served and drink refills offered. There are no menus or choices, but I think it was a decent breakfast for a short flight (and much more nicely presented on a tray than Air Serbia does). There was an announcement that food items would be sold in economy and there was also a price list in the seat pocket.

After breakfast was cleared, the crew came by offering apples and a Lufthansa chocolate.

We landed on time in Frankfurt and, to my surprise, we even got a gate with an airbridge. Thankfully, Belgrade is now considered a “safe” destination and you do not have to go through security if transferring onto other flights at Frankfurt Airport.
Overall, a nice experience with Lufthansa for me, for a change

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