TRIP REPORT: Air Serbia and Turkish to Brussels

Written by Aleksandar Karić

JU304 BEG-BRU 22nd JUNE 2023 (23rd JUNE 2023 JU806- BEG IST, TK1937 IST- BRU)
On 22nd of May I booked a nonstop flight between Belgrade and Brussels. I originally wanted to travel via Eindhoven with Wizz Air, but in the end, I chose to fly with Air Serbia instead. I selected to fly only with hand baggage due to the price of the ticket. Economy light was 398.5 euros. I personally think that price is insane.
On the day of the flight there were problem with the security system at the Belgrade Airport, so I arrived 3 hours earlier, even though I had checked in online.
Passport control and security check went seamlessly so I headed to Bistro Cafe to take some photos of YU-ARC.

Around 1 hour before our scheduled departure I went to gate C5 where our plane was parked. The gate agent was already there so everything looked normal. Half an hour before scheduled departure, the flight was put on last call. Finally, 10 minutes before departure our flight was cancelled. The aircraft that was supposed to operate the flight to Brussels, a wet-leased Dan Air A319, was changed to fly to Dusseldorf instead.

The gate agent sent all Brussels passengers to the transfer desk, located next to gate C3. From there they sent us to the arrivals area of the airport to pass through passport control again, pick up our bags (I only had hand baggage) and to head to Air Serbia’s ticketing office.
There, I chose the option to fly that night to Istanbul with Air Serbia, and then to Brussels with Turkish Airlines.
I asked Air Serbia’s agent if I could get some kind of food voucher, but she said that its impossible and that I can get “refreshments” at the same transfer desk next to gate C3. The refreshment was a box with a sandwich, water and muffin. These boxes are also handed out on Air Serbia’s flights longer than 2.5 hours.

When it comes to the flight to Istanbul, of course it was delayed, but it wasn’t cancelled. On that flight we got the same water that was also as part of the refreshment box, as well as a Stark Bananica. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of that. We landed at Istanbul with a one hour delay, but my layover was around 4 hours so that wasn’t a problem.
Transfer in Istanbul is very easy, and the airport is really beautiful.

The flight to Brussels departed on time and arrived 15 minutes earlier. It was around 3 hours long. When it comes to service it was really good. The meal included scrambled eggs, salad with cheeses, ham, mushrooms fried on butter, yoghurt with red fruit warm bread with jam and butter. There was a selection of cold and hot non-alcoholic drinks for free.

BEG- IST A319 YU-APE Seat 3C
IST-BRU A321 sharklets Seat 20C

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