This TikTok Of Frontier Airlines’ Baggage Line Is Your Worst Nightmare

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There are a lot of different opinions out there when it comes to which airlines are worth flying, and which are garbage to be avoided. Now, let’s be real, a lot of times these things are purely anecdotal (unless we’re talking Spirit, Spirit is the worst) — maybe your flight was delayed at Delta, American Airlines lost your luggage, or an in-flight incident caused your plane to be grounded. But we have to admit that even if you’re just tracking anecdotal evidence, certain airlines seem to drop the ball more often than not.

Case in point, Frontier Airlines’ Reddit page — which is mostly littered with titles like this: “Total Screw Job,” “Never Fly On Frontier Again” and my personal favorite, “For those of you who fly Frontier regularly, why?” — has a post gaining a lot of traction this morning. Titled, “Frontier Airlines is a Scam,” one Reddit user is complaining (and rightly so) about arriving over 3 hours early to a 9:00 AM flight in Denver only to be told at 8:30 AM that they missed the flight (along with hundreds of others) because they were stuck waiting in line at the baggage check that was being manned by a single employee.

The Reddit user even provided the TikTok above, which shows the insanity (not filmed by them, but they appear in the video) that runs for over two minutes without a single cut showing a single snaking line and a lot of visibly exhausted travelers. After being denied a refund, the Redditor is rightfully pissed off, and from the replies it seems like this is common practice at Frontier.

“I will never check a bag on a Frontier Flight,” says one user. “That’s part of the grift when you miss your flight because the line was too long, they charge you a $99 change fee to rebook you,” says another. “I came here to say this exact thing,” notes a third. “They literally survive off the bag fees and then spit in the face of people who choose to pay bag fees.” It just goes on and on and on and on.

Is it enough of a reason for you to break up with Frontier for good? Well, when you consider that they are the least reliable domestic carrier in the United States with an on-time rate hovering just over 50%… maybe it should?

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