This is the crazy moment a woman peed on the floor of a Spirit Airlines plane

She was really pissed off.

A passenger was caught on video urinating in a corner of a plane in front of people who appear to be Spirit Airlines flight attendants — as she complained that they didn’t let her use the toilet, reported.

“I need to piss two hours, you tell me you cannot — you close the doors,” the woman yells at the crew as she squats down to relieve herself on the floor.

“Say hello to the camera,” a flight attendant is heard telling her.

“The plane is stopped. … I cannot hold the pee!” the woman shouts, adding that the crew member should “blame yourself.

“You can do whatever you want,” the female flyer added. “You can send a warrant, arresting me is better than this.”

The flight attendant then advises the passenger to drink water “because your pee smells disgusting” as she waves her hand.

Passenger pees on the floor
A woman relieved herself on the floor of a Spirit Airline plane as passengers watched in horror.

Passenger pees on the floor
“Say hello to the camera,” a flight attendant is heard telling her.

Spirit Airlines planes
The passenger complained the flight attendants had not let her use the toilet.
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At the end of the short clip, which was posted Friday, the woman gets up and pulls up her pants before she begins to walk away.

It was unclear what flight the woman was on. Efforts to reach Spirit for comment were not immediately successful.

This was not the first time someone resorted to urinating on a plane’s floor.

In 2018, a passenger aboard the appropriately named Wizz Air relieved herself in the food galley after being told she couldn’t use the lavatory while the plane was being refueled.

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