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Turkish-Dutch leisure airline Corendon Airlines has revealed plans to evaluate “Adults Only” sections on its flights between Amsterdam and Curaçao starting November 3rd this year. The aim is to address the potential discomfort caused by infants and their accompanying noises during flights by establishing a dedicated area exclusively for passengers aged 16 and older on this specific route.

This Airlines Launch "Adult-Only" Flights: Infants, Children Below 16 Years Not Allowed!

Creating Serenity in the Skies: Corendon Airlines’ ‘Adults Only’ Flight Zones

In this arrangement, the forward part of the airplane will be set aside to create these “Adults Only” zones, comprising nine spacious seats with extra legroom and 93 standard seats. Corendon Airlines intends to separate this zone from the rest of the aircraft using walls and curtains, thus forming a secluded space that promotes a serene and peaceful flight environment.

As per the press release, the airline stated that “This aircraft zone is designed for travelers who are not accompanied by children and for business passengers seeking a tranquil workspace. It may also provide relief to parents traveling with young children who may be concerned about disturbing other passengers”.

Peaceful Skies at a Price: The Cost of ‘Adults Only’ Flight Zones

However, passengers desiring to sit in these child-free areas will incur an additional fee. Opting for the “Adults Only” zone on a one-way ticket will result in an extra charge of 45 euros, while selecting an XL seat within this section will require an additional payment of 100 euros.

According to a Bloomberg report, other airlines have introduced similar measures in recent years. These include AirAsia X, which has established quiet zones on its flights, prohibiting entry for children under the age of 10, and Singapore carrier Scoot, which offers “Scoot-in-Silence” zones for passengers over the age of 12.


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