The airline has discontinued the free baggage allowance

One popular airline no longer offers free luggage to economy passengers.

American Airlines customers will have to pay to check any bag.

American Airlines has changed their checked baggage rules


American Airlines recently changed the rules for checked luggage.Credit: Reuters

Transatlantic travelers will be charged $75 for any checked baggage when purchasing a ticket in basic economy.

The routes include those to Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. Australia.

All passengers traveling between the US and Canada will have to pay $30 for a checked bag.

Second bags cost $100 while third bags are $200.

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Passengers will need to be careful when packing to avoid an additional charge.

American Airlines was the first US carrier to charge a fee for checked bags on basic economy flights. Tickets.

According to a spokesperson The Points GuyWe are simplifying the products we offer to help our customers make their travel purchases easier.

This change will bring all the features of our Basic Economy package back to its original form. You can find out more about this by clicking here. “Whether a customer purchases it for an international or domestic itinerary.”

Hand luggage is also being restricted by many airlines.

The problem with personal bags is that every airline has different rules about what it is considered to be.

Passenger Sergio Diaz toldThe Washington PostHe was charged $50 for a personal item, which is a small projector. This device should have been allowed to be checked at the airport.

One traveler claimed that the crew attempted to charge $99 for her bag, even though she had shown her sizer her personal item.

An expert in travel has shared their best advice for how to avoid eye-watering luggage fees.

All economy passengers now have to pay a fee to check their luggage


Economy passengers will now be charged a luggage check-in feeCredit: Getty

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