Spirit Airlines Flight NK270 expected to crash into sea, passengers threatened
Spirit Airlines Flight NK270 expected to crash into sea, passengers threatened

Jamaica: Passengers aboard Spirit Airlines Flight NK270 have been threatened by the turbulence and the speculations about its potential crash into the sea. Reportedly, the pilot warned the passengers and told them to brace themselves as the plane was likely to crash due to some fault.

Notably, the flight departed from Montego Bay in St James, Jamaica for Fort Lauderdale in the United States wreaked havoc among the people onboard.

In addition to that, the passengers got scared to their nerves with the warning of the pilot for the water landing as the highest emergency was activated by them at MBJ.

However, the report now outlines that the aircraft has made a safe landing without any incident or injury. The passengers have also shared the incident and stated that they are still in the shock of witnessing a near-death experience as people said that it was very scary.

One passenger added that they were told to brace themselves as the water landing might happen, which scared them. Others added that the information was given to them that the aircraft lost pressure, they eventually got a new aircraft and then the landing would take place.

The reports stated that the flight crew was in panic mode as the turbulence was quite scary and the passengers experienced an extremely nervous situation. One added that the situation was nerve-racking as the crew also seemed helpless.

However, the cause of the incident was not immediately available and the videos of the scene were sent to the officials the airline stated that an investigation on the matter had been launched. The video of scary passengers have also got viral on the social media as netizens expressed concerns about the situation.

One added,”If there was a negative outcome, would Jamaica be prepared to manage such a mass casualty incident.”

Another mentioned,” Sooner rather than later commercial flights will be a thing of the past if you can’t afford to fly private as Jamaicans would say “tan you yard.”

People also showcased sympathy to the passengers and many added,” I can just imagine the fright and increased heartbeats of all those on board. Prayers galore must have been said. There must have been many wet undies and briefs as a result. Honestly, I am not sure that I would have been physically, mentally, and psychologically prepared to take another flight so soon after this scare.”

Article source: https://airlines.einnews.com/article/714926614/NAsGnnJuLCwQo_r3?ref=rss&ecode=vaZAu9rk30b8KC5H

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