Slovenia Air advances launch plans

Representatives from the Anisos Holding Company, registered in the British Virgin Islands, with investments in aviation and aviation technology, recently held talks with the Slovenian Ministry for Finance concerning the establishment of a Slovenian-based carrier called Slovenia Air They had previously met with representatives from the Ministry for Infrastructure. According to the Finance Ministry, “The representatives of Anisos Holding Company presented us with their plans regarding the establishment of a new airline based in the Republic of Slovenia. They were interested in our view of Slovenia’s air connectivity and possibilities regarding potential (existing) tax incentives for foreign companies or so-called greenfield investments. In this regard, we provided them with brief general information that applies to all foreign investors”.

Based on initial plans, Slovenia Air would operate out of Maribor to points in Europe, as well as Hong Kong, in a bid to turn Slovenia’s second-largest city into a transfer hub between Europe and Asia. The plan draws striking similarities to those of SHS Aviation, which won a concession for Maribor Airport in 2017, and planned to establish a similar airline with flights to Europe and Asia. Although a carrier was established, it was short-lived and SHS Aviation eventually terminated their concession agreement of the airport in 2019. The two are not related. During the first three quarters of the year, Maribor Airport, which has no commercial flights, handled 3.536 passengers.
The Slovenian government is still considering the possibility of establishing a new national carrier through a Public Private Partnership model. So far, it has held talks on the matter with Slovenian-registered Amelia International, as well as Cyprus Airways, while it suggested for Air Baltic to establish a base in Ljubljana. Previously, the government said additional details about a planned new carrier set to replace Adria Airways, which went bankrupt over four years ago, would be outlined this autumn. “Slovenia needs an airline, it’s a matter of discussion under what conditions, and it will definitely need a strategic partner. We should not be complacent just because there are enough airports in our neighbourhood”, the Slovenian Minister for Economic Development and Technology, Matjaž Han, said in September.

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