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A scary story from an American Airlines flight attendant, who claims a woman tried to run her off the road after noticing she was wearing a flight attendant uniform. But one thing strikes me as odd about a pair of videos chronicling the purported road rage incident.

Road Rage? American Airlines Flight Attendant Claims Woman Tried To Run Her Off Road Because She Was In Uniform

As flagged by View From The Wing, flight attendant Elizabeth Braley took to TikTok to share about an incident she claims occurred on her way home from an international trip.

A red sedan pulled in front of her Jeep, cutting her off.

Braley did not think much of it at the time except that this was a crazy driver. She moved over a couple of lanes to keep her distance from the woman driving the sedan.

But the woman followed her over, and cut her off again!

And then it happened a third time.

All of this happened on a busy interstate while both cars were traveling at 80 miles per hour. What could possibly be going on?

Afraid now, Braley pulled into the far left lane and floored it, trying to get away from the woman in the sedan.

But the woman kept up. She pulled up next to Braley, rolled down her window, and screamed, “F*ck your airline!” She then began throwing objects from her car at Braley.

Braley slammed on her brakes and stopped, allowing the woman to pass. She stopped. She cried. But she did not call the police.

Braley says, “Flight attendants should not have to worry about their life trying to just get home,” and she is right.

Flight attendants should never be blamed for matters beyond their control.


flight attendants should not have to worry about their life trying to just get home #flightattendant

♬ original sound – Elizabeth Braley

Braley later posted a follow-up video, explaining that she did not call the police because she did not think the woman in the red car did anything wrong until the verbal exchange occurred. By that point, she was too shell-shocked to note the license plate.


little update- thank you to those of you that reached out. i truly love my job and our main focus is safety in all aspects so i did my best to do that in a scary situation. be kind because we are all just trying our best to navigate life 🫶🏻💞

♬ original sound – Elizabeth Braley

My Question About This Incident

I want to believe Braley and for her sake and the sake of her colleagues at American Airlines, I sincerely hope her account is true and not fabricated or exaggerated.

While this may have happened, in this day and age it is also plausible to wonder if did not. Or perhaps not exactly as she said. We only have her word and she never called authorities or documented any details. What bothers me is that in the two videos posted she ends up talking about not being paid for boarding and not having a contract. A rather odd way to finish off the narrative not once, but twice.

Beyond her own account, I see two additional possible scenarios:

  • Her story is partially true. She did get chased. But it had nothing to do with her “uniform” and was related to something else on the road. Perhaps the woman only made the airline comment after other heated words, much like a person might resort to calling someone fat or old in the heat of the moment. Braley did mention she was traveling 80mph and that she was very tired and had a long drive after returning from an international journey. Maybe she inadvertently cut the woman off?
  • Her story is fabricated in order to get attention for flight attendants and sympathy regarding contract negotiations (it does not appear that flight attendants are not receiving much sympathy these days for many of their demands). Both videos dwell heavily on how flight attendants are paid for their time.

The bottom line is that I struggle to take people at their word these days, especially on TikTok. I sincerely hope she is telling the truth and think the violator should be punished, but I am admittedly suspicious.


A flight attendant, presumably using her real name, has taken to TikTok to post about a scary road rage incident that she says occurred because she was wearing an American Airlines uniform. I am admittedly skeptical but wish she had noted the license plate number of the driver who purportedly cut her off at least three times so that driver could be held accountable.

I fully agree with Braley’s sentiment that we should never blame flight attendants for problems that they did not create. Instead, we should treat them the way we want to be treated.

What are your thoughts on this incident?

image: @elizabethbraley4 / TikTok

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