Ryanair pays compensation for Zadar emergency

An 11-year-old child, Stefan Kokić, who experienced recurring nightmares as a result of a traumatic emergency descent and landing of a Ryanair aircraft bound for Zadar due to a loss of cabin pressure, has successfully reached a settlement for 10.000 euros in his personal injuries claim against the airline. Kokić’s lawyers brought the case in front of a local court in Ireland highlighting the distressing nature of the incident that occurred in July 2018 during the child’s journey with his parents from Dublin to Zadar. The aircraft had an abrupt in-flight depressurisation, which necessitated an emergency descent at Frankfurt Hahn Airport. According to the attorney, the claim was made in accordance with the Montreal Convention, which stipulates that an accident-related incident must have occurred and that the plaintiff must have sustained bodily harm in order to be eligible for damages. The child’s mother said her son had experienced emotional upset but had coped remarkably well considering the traumatic experience. A settlement was reached between the two sides for the abovementioned sum.

Article source: http://www.exyuaviation.com/2023/07/ryanair-pays-compensation-for-zadar.html

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