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The pilot has also been removed from United’s work schedule

A United Airlines pilot was caught on camera, destroying a barrier gate with an axe at an employee parking lot at Denver’s airport. He told authorities that he destroyed the barrier because “he just hit his breaking point,” CBS News reported.

A video of the incident, which happened on August 2, shows Kenneth Henderson Jones, 63, walking toward the exit gate of an employee parking lot, carrying an axe. He then began to swing out at the gate’s parking arm more than 20 times before it finally broke off its hinge leaving the exit open.


After destroying the barrier, he attempted to flee the scene but was stopped by an airport employee who managed to take the axe from him.

Watch the video here:

The pilot then ran into a nearby field, where he was taken into custody by Denver police.

The pilot later told a deputy that about six vehicles were behind each of the parking lot’s three exit gates, so he retrieved the ax from his parked car to help the drivers leave.

The police report says, ”Kenneth started by saying he just hit his breaking point’ and that he was ‘trying to get rid of issues for everyone waiting.”

Adams County authorities charged Mr. Jones with misdemeanour criminal mischief but was released later the same day. He is scheduled to appear in court in Adams County Court on September 25 for an arraignment. 

The pilot has also been removed from United’s work schedule as the company continues an internal investigation. The damages allegedly caused by the pilot are estimated to be $700, according to CBS News.

According to FAA records, Mr Jones is qualified to fly numerous large passenger planes including Boeing 767s and 757s.

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