PHOTOS: Belgrade Airport opens overhauled A wing

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has completed work on the overhaul of it’s A wing departures area, which has not been upgraded for the better part of forty years. It marks the completion of the redevelopment of all of Belgrade Airport’s gates, with departure gates A6 to A10 now open and architecturally in line with all other VINCI operated airports with an open space concept. Furthermore, two bus gates within the A pier are now accessible for use again, while there is also space for retail and food and beverage outlets which will be moved in at a later date. The redeveloped A pier also features an additional floor, stretching up to gate A9, which is used by arriving passengers. The jet bridges from gates A6 to A10 have been repainted but will be replaced with glass jetways. Delays from the manufacturer have pushed back their arrival. The redevelopment is part of the reconstruction of 15.000 square metres of the passenger terminal, along with the 40.000 square metre terminal expansion. As a result, Belgrade Airport now boasts 24 gates with jet bridge access, as well as eight bus gates (five in the C pier and three in the A pier) for a total of 32 gates. The next phase of VINCI’s project includes the construction of an additional four C pier jet bridge gates.

 The development comes just days after the airport opened its new runway, and shortly after the opening of its new central processor building. The construction of the new access plateau in front of the terminal buildings is ongoing and expected to be completed by the end of the month.

Other projects which are continuing include the construction of a brand new central shopping plaza, which will be positioned behind security. 

Furthermore, work on the expansion of the check-in area is advancing. It will be combined with the recently opened 28 check-in desks in the central processor. Overall, the airport will boast some ninety check-in desks. 

Construction is also taking place in Terminal 1 near the tour operator counters and part of the check-in desks. 

Within the departures area, work on overhauling the part of the terminal which formally housed the transfer desk, between gates A1 and C1, has begun. The transfer desk has temporarily been moved between gates C2 and C3.

Belgrade Airport and Air Serbia are part of a government committee working on the installation of eGates, which will enable users to simply scan their travel documents to be passed through for facial recognition. The technology is already there but is subject to preparations between the Serbian government and the European Union. In the first phase, passengers travelling from Serbia to the EU and vice versa will have the ability use the eGates. Work at passport control in the arrivals area is also under way, with old passport booths now being dismantled to make way for new ones and an expanded passport control area. Furthermore, construction is continuing in the arrivals hall to enable the use of the newly installed automated baggage handling system.

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