PHOTOS: Belgrade Airport construction update

Work on various projects at the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport site continue to advance.

The first new conveyer belts in the baggage claim area, which is being redesigned, have been installed with all baggage carousels to be replaced, and additional ones added.

Work continues on a new duty-free retail area spanning almost 3.000 square metres. Furthermore, progress is being made on adding additional passport control booths in arrivals, as well as eGates. On the second floor, in the A wing arrivals, travelators will be installed in the corridors.

Passport control expansion

A wing arrivals

Asphalting of Belgrade Airport’s former (and future) runway is currently taking place, with rapid exit taxiways also being connected between the inserted runway (future parallel taxiway) and main runway. At the same time, construction work on part of taxiway G, between gates A1 and A5 is taking place.
Runway work

Apron work

A number of other projects at the airport complex are progressing, including the expansion of the check-in area, which will complement the 28 check-in desks installed this year in the new central processor building. Overall, the airport will boast some ninety check-in desks.

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