Passengers to get £8k payouts after horror flight turbulence kills Brit onboard

Passengers onboard a horror turbulence-hit flight from London to Singapore, which left one British tourist dead, have been offered thousands in compensation.

Sinapore Airlines said it will pay $US10,000 (£7,800) to passengers who sustained minor injuries in the incident, and “an advance payment of $25,000” to those with more serious injuries “to address their immediate needs.” The airline, who posted the news to Facebook, added they will also offer further discussions to meet passengers “specific circumstances.”

The Boeing 777 jet, bound for Singapore on May 22, was forced to make an emergency landing in Thailand after being hit with deadly turbulence as the cabin crew loaded breakfast trolleys and began serving hot meals to passengers. After a few mild bumps, the flight’s seatbelt sign was turned on, and the crew, following the standard routine, began checking whether passengers had their belts on.


Images from inside the cabin show food and drink strewn across the floor

Geoffrey Ralph Kitchen died while on a Singapore Airlines flight on May 22

Brit Geoffrey Kitchen, 73, died while on the Singapore Airlines flight

But seconds later, the plane plunged thousands of feet, sending passengers and crew members flying across the cabin. Images taken from inside the cabin saw in-flight meals strewn across the floor, while several passengers were left covered in blood after being flung from their seats.

British tourist Geoffrey Kitchen, 73, from Thornbury, Gloucestershire, near Bristol, died onboard. Officials said that it is believed that Kitchen suffered a heart attack during the turbulence. The musical theatre director was travelling to Singapore for a six-week adventure with his wife, Linda.

A total of 104 injured passengers were treated in Bangkok hospitals, suffering spinal cord, head and muscle injuries. There were 211 passengers and 18 crew on board the plane at the time of the incident.

Flights for loved ones to get to Bangkok were covered by the airline

Flights for loved ones to get to Bangkok were covered by the airline
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Sinagpore Airlines said it would offer a full refund to all passengers, including those who were not injured when the turbulence hit. It added that those passengers will receive delay compensation in line with European Union or United Kingdom regulations.

Passengers’ immediate expenses were also covered by the airline with compensation payments of S$1,000 ($739; £580), while flights for loved ones to fly to Bangkok to visit their relatives were covered.

International regulations state that airlines must offer compensation if passengers became injured or died onboard a plane.

A local publication, The Singapore Straits Times, reported that there have been six turbulence-induced incidents with Singapore Airlines flights in the last 20 years. These have led to the injuries of some passengers and crew members, with Tuesday’s event being the only one where a fatality was recorded.

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