Passenger bites crew member on easyJet Ljubljana flight

easyJet was forced to cancel its flight from Ljubljana to London Gatwick on Wednesday due to an abusive passenger on board. According to reports, a Slovenian woman became violent after an elderly passenger asked her to take out her earphones and put her phone into flight mode as the aircraft was taxiing towards the runway. According to eyewitness accounts the irate passenger then became verbally and physically abusive, forcing the cabin crew to intervene. The passenger than reportedly dug her nails into a female crew member and bit her. Five passengers assisted other crew members in restraining the problematic passenger. The attacked crew member was unable to continue work and reports suggest they had already dealt with another problematic passenger on the outbound service to Ljubljana. The flight was rescheduled and departed yesterday with 183 passengers. Local police have fined the abusive passenger with 250 euros and have launched misdemeanour proceedings against her.

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