OFW welfare group bares 'manifesto' vs airline travel issues

MANILA, Philippines — An alliance of overseas Filipino worker (OFW) groups and organizations has released what it calls a “manifesto” expressing its position and appeals concerning issues recently hounding the airline travel situation in the country.

In the manifesto titled “Damdaming OFW” published on its Facebook page, the United Filipino Group highlighted the need for the government to address the concerns of OFW travelers about airlines.

“Air travel is an important part of the lives and work of OFWs,” said UFG head Gemma Sotto.

The group, in its manifesto, expressed its support to the proposal of OFW party-list Rep. Marissa Magsino that will compel the government to act on the complaints of OFWs on all airline companies’ services.

In a recent radio interview, Sotto said that OFW communities around the world are willing to help in whatever form they can in accordance with the objectives of House Resolution 1105.

According to the manifesto, for every flight an OFW takes, two strong emotions are evoked from an OFW: gladness and sadness.

“Kaligayahan ay nag-uumapaw sa pag-biyahe palabas ng Pilipinas dahil may matatag na trabaho sa ibang bansa na magtataguyod ng pamilyang Pilipino. Kaligayahan makauwi upang saglit na makapagbakasyon. Konting panahong makapiling ang mga mahal sa buhay, dumalo sa mahalagang oksayon sa pamilya, makita ang mga kaibigan,” the group said. 

“Kalungkutan naman ang nadarama sa pag-uwing ang kadahilanan ay mga emergency sa pamilya, mahal sa buhay na may sakit, problemang kailangang personal na asikasuhin, paghabol sa nagaagaw-buhay na mahal sa buhay, o para magdalamhati sa pumanaw na kapamilya,” it added.

UFW’s manifesto added that deficiencies in airline services causes added and stress to an OFW, emphasized the urgency to address them.

The group at the same time appealed to Congress to prioritize tackling Magsino’s House Resolution No. 1105.

“We also urge the Senate to pass similar measures that would address the delays and cancellation of flights among all airline companies in their local and international flights,” said Sotto.

According to UFW, the time is ripe for a “whole-of-nation approach to be taken by all parties concerned for the sake of the betterment of services of airlines and the aviation industry.”

“We all have a common goal here: to improve the industry of aviation for our OFWs, for all passengers and to help government and private sector strengthen industries and tourism,” Sotto continued.

UFW likewise appealed to President Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Jr. for the immediate implementation of necessary programs, policies and projects that would ease the woes OFWs in relation to flight delays and cancellations. This includes infrastructure development that would address airport congestions, which the group cites as one of the primary causes of flight delays and cancellations.

Article source: https://airlines.einnews.com/article/643997686/0S26os2GOJ1xtgOl?ref=rss&ecode=vaZAu9rk30b8KC5H

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