Now travel luggage-free! This Airline will rent out clothes to flyers

Trading house Sumitomo Corp. in association with Japan Airlines Co. has come up with a path-breaking idea that is going to transform the way people travel. The companies have launched a new innovative service that will encourage tourists and business passengers to pack less by renting clothes to visitors to Japan. 

The airline described this initiative as a bid to promote sustainable tourism while offering convenience during the visit to the island nation. The airline revealed that the flyers will get a chance to select apparel based on size and seasonal needs via a website prior to boarding a Japan Airlines-operated flight. However, it must be noted that the service will run on a trial basis through August 2024.

Reason behind the step

The development comes as Japanese airlines, hotels and restaurants are gearing up to receive more travelers. As the entry restrictions have been fully lifted and the summer holiday season is beginning, the country is looking forward to an influx of tourists. 

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization data, in May, the total number of tourists to the country reached 1.9 million, which is almost 70% of pre-pandemic levels compared with the same month in 2019.

The airline further said that the people will be able to rent up to eight outfits for as long as two weeks, which will cost ¥4,000 to ¥7,000 per set of clothing ($28-$49). 

Options to select from

Additionally, smart, smart casual and mixed wear will be available in three sizes for the passengers – small, medium and large. The clothes will be delivered to a traveler’s designated hotel.

For seamless execution of the service, Sumitomo has developed the online reservation system, along with a system for the procurement, laundry and delivery of clothes.

Notably, the step was taken to minimize waste as the rentable apparel will be sourced from clothing product overstock. 

The airline will also calculate the reduction in carbon emissions based on saved aircraft weight, and inform customers.

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