My canceled flight cost me hundreds on a hotel — the airline reimbursed me $25

Her customer service expectations are sky high.

An influencer is accusing American Airlines of stiffing the bill of her hefty hotel and ticket costs after the airline reportedly delayed, canceled and rebooked her flight a number of times.

Gianna Pennacchio was flying on American from New York’s La Guardia to Miami this week, but instead suffered travel mishaps resulting in a first-class headache.

On TikTok, the 27-year-old claimed that, after allegedly spending an estimated $600 extra on lodging and tickets due to the inconvenience, American Airlines only provided her a $25 voucher for her troubles.

“This definitely put a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to flying AA,” the content creator told The Post via email.

She said she “would expect any airline to give you some sort of hotel reimbursement if they are pushing your original flight over 24 hours” later.

Gianna Pennacchio on TikTok
“Customer service feels like a thing of the past, and experiences like this really drive that home,” she told The Post.

“I will be more mindful next time of which airline I choose to fly with,” she added. “Customer service feels like a thing of the past, and experiences like this really drive that home.”

The content creator’s travel troubles coincided with a nationwide airline debacle, as hundreds of flights were canceled and thousands delayed ahead of the Fourth of July weekend.

Pennacchio, who boasts 51,000 followers on TikTok, detailed her tumultuous experience in a viral video, which has racked up more than 288,000 views since it was posted Tuesday.

“I got delayed, delayed, delayed, canceled, and then pushed to the next flight, delayed, delayed, delayed, canceled,” the influencer said in the clip.

American Airlines planes lined up
Her travel troubles coincided with an influx of delays and cancellations that affected airports across the nation ahead of the holiday weekend.

The airline allegedly offered her a next-day flight for 7:30 p.m., but because she was required at work that morning, she needed to be home before then.

“I had to get a hotel because what else am I supposed to do, like, lay on the airport floor?” Pennacchio continued.

She told The Post that she spent $302 on a one-night stay at the LaGuardia Airport Marriott and an additional $313 on the new Delta flight home. She said American Airlines later refunded her $128 for the original ticket.

In her video, Pennacchio claimed she emailed the airline with a receipt of her expenses “not expecting reimbursement,” but inquiring about it anyway.

Arrival and Departures screen at an airport with delays
Delays and cancellations affected thousands of flyers this week.

In response, the airline allegedly sent her an email regarding her “inconvenience” and promising a trip credit.

“That’s great,” she admitted. “I was expecting nothing, I got a little something.”

Then, she revealed the reimbursement. American Airlines allegedly sent her a $25 voucher.

“You’re kidding me,” she exclaimed in disbelief at the end of the clip.

According to American Airlines policy, the company will provide a voucher for an approved hotel or reimbursement for “reasonable hotel costs” in the event of overnight delays or cancellations caused by the airline.

Gianna on TikTok showing the email
The original correspondence from American Airlines allegedly acknowledged the creator’s travel woes and promised a voucher in a later email.

Gianna pointing to $25 voucher on TikTok
In a subsequent email from the airline, the company allegedly only provided a $25 voucher.

The Post has reached out to American Airlines for comment.

Pennacchio claimed her original complaint on TikTok was discovered by an American Airlines employee.

“They called to apologize and let me know that based on keywords used in my complaint for reimbursement, an automated system will send out what they deem a necessary reimbursement. Mine happened to be a $25 voucher,” she told The Post.

“They didn’t offer me any sort of compensation over the phone, just apologies.”

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