My 'bag' hack avoids a pricey airline automatic surcharge

A SAVVY traveler has shared her ingenious trick to take an extra bag on board without getting struck with airline fees.

Some airlines now charge up to $99 for an additional bag, but there’s a loophole that customers are taking advantage of.

Airlines are now hitting customers with fees as high as $99 for their carry-on bags


Airlines are now hitting customers with fees as high as $99 for their carry-on bagsCredit: Getty
But Sammy (@bookthistrip) shared her tip to outsmart the surcharges


But Sammy (@bookthistrip) shared her tip to outsmart the surchargesCredit: Tiktok/bookthistrip

Isn’t it strange how some budget airlines charge you extra for taking a carry-on bag, but you take a shopping bag of goods that you bought at the airport without a problem?

That’s exactly what TikToker Sammy (@bookthistrip) thought when she had an idea to avoid that pesky issue.

As she shared in a recent video, Sammy simply buys a large bag of popcorn from one of the departures lounge stores and gets a paper shopping bag.

Then, she puts her carry-on purse inside the paper bag and disguises it with the bag of popcorn on top.

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While this trick only works with small additional carry-on items, many of her followers were so happy to realize this hack. 

“Yes, they’re so strict about bringing on any extra carry-ons but any ‘shopping’ you do is fine. Haha, genius,” commented one.

“I’ve been doing that as well. It does work!” posted another.

However, one fan reported that they had not had much luck with this method.

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“Did this four or five times till Frontier actually checked through the bag and charged me $100,” he wrote.


While major airlines like Alaska, American, and Delta will allow you to take one carry-on bag free of charge, they may require you to check any additional carry-ons at the gate.

Depending on your airline, these fees can go as high as $99.

What’s more, budget airlines like Breeze, Spirit, and Frontier even charge for just one carry-on bag.

Jet Blue and United do not allow passengers traveling with a “basic economy” ticket to have a carry-on bag at all.

Failing to comply with this rule could force you to check any carry-on bags at the gate, incurring a fee of up to $99 depending on your airline.


Unexpected baggage fees aren’t the only thing you have to worry about before heading to your next vacation.

What about airport parking?

Three airports in New York just hiked their rates for the summer, and you could be forking out $70 a day.

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Meanwhile, American Airlines customers are angry over a new $75 fee for a travel essential that used to be absolutely free.

And check out the automatic surcharges you could be paying if you choose to stay at a Hilton hotel.

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