Mini Tour pro Wesley Hunter blasts United Airlines for ruining his clubs: ‘Ridiculous’

Count this professional golfer as part of the ongoing nationwide air travel nightmare. 

Wesley Hunter, a Mini Tour golf pro, had his clubs destroyed while flying on a United Airlines flight to Florida this week. 

“Ridiculous,” he tweeted. “My bag and clubs ruined to a point I didn’t think was possible.”

His 56-degree wedge appeared to have a chip in the bottom of it, his driver head was snapped from the shaft and his bag looked ripped up and had a hole in it. 

The Alabama native said the airline asked him to go back to the airport to check the damage done. 

“Out of town at the Alabama open, submitted a claim, have to go back to the airport Thursday for them to assess how much damage has been done,” Hunter tweeted. “Will update on what they say!”

It’s been an unlucky year for Hunter, who turned pro in 2018 

Wesley Hunter current official PGA TOUR headshot.
Wesley Hunter has a bone to pick with United Airlines.

Hunter, who went to Spring Hill College, fell one eight-foot putt short of qualifying for the U.S. Open at Los Angeles Country Club last month.

“This game just kicks you in the d–k over and over again,” Hunter, who has played on the mini-tour for six years, said in a tweet after the near-miss. 

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