Menzies to begin Belgrade Airport ground handling

The United Kingdom’s Menzies Aviation, which operates at 250 locations in more than sixty countries, has announced it plans to begin providing ground handling services at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, after the government liberalised the sector last month. “It will soon be a year since Menzies Aviation entered the Serbian market, and Menzies Serbia is an integral part of our plan for continued expansion in the Western Balkans. The initial results are promising. Relevant Serbian authorities have now issued an official Decision that allows Menzies Aviation to provide complete ground handling services at Belgrade Airport. Our mission is to improve ground handling services, grow air cargo traffic, and apply the highest quality standards in our field, as well as the knowledge and expertise required to raise the quality of services to the highest level”, the company’s General Manager for Serbia and Montenegro, Ana Marojević, said. She added, “Our goal in the Serbian market is to implement our know-how and expertise to raise the level of service that Belgrade Airport rightfully deserves. Serbia is a strategically important location in the region, and we believe that improving air transport and aviation logistics can have a significant positive effect on the further development of Serbia’s economic and international position”. The Serbian government has enabled any company that meets the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate’s standards to provide ground handling at Belgrade Airport. Apart from the three companies already doing so, another three have been issued permits from the regulator, among which is Menzies Aviation. Ground handling and a lack of staff among service providers have been identified as one of the major contributors to frequent flight delays at Belgrade Airport this summer.

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