Marlon Wayans References White Chicks While Calling Out Airline For Removing Him From Flight

Marlon Wayans is arguably one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors and comedians, having endeared himself to audiences with his numerous performances. One thing that fans surely know about him is that he doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind on a given topic. That was definitely clear at the end of this past week after he spoke out about an alleged incident that resulted in him getting removed from a United Airlines flight. Wayans hasn’t minced words while giving his account of the experience, considering that he’s called out the company in a myriad of ways. And in the process of doing so, he threw in a reference to White Chicks.

What Reportedly Happened With Marlon Wayans’ Flight?

At the end of this past week, the 50-year-old entertainer was in a Denver airport, where he was reportedly looking to catch a flight to Kansas City. However, according to TMZ, the star got into a heated argument with a gate agent in regard to his luggage. United Airlines released a statement to the news outlet, saying that the funnyman was “told he would have to gate-check his bag.” The company alleges that the Wayans Bros. alum ultimately “pushed past a United employee” before attempting to forcibly board the flight. It’s for that reason that the organization says he was removed. In the end, the Denver Police Department handed the comic a citation for disturbing the peace.

Marlon Wayans has since vehemently denied the claims in a series of Instagram posts. In the first post, the comedian shared a video. The clip showed him in the airport, where he lamented the fact that he would miss his shows due to the situation. He shared more thoughts in his lengthy caption, in which he called “bullshit.” Wayans asserts that it was the gate agent who caused that issue because he was allegedly trying to exert his “power”:

Maaaaaan the bullsh*t I’m experiencing at @united is unprecedented BULLSHIT. People taking advantage of their ‘power’. Bro claimed i had too many bags so i complied and consolidated them he was like ‘oh now you have to check that bag’. Bye. I’m in seat 2 A come holla.

He doubled down on that stance in a subsequently shared post, which he used to say that he did not assault the United Airlines employee. The Requiem for a Dream alum also appealed to his followers in another update, in which he advised them to “fly where you’re respected, protected and loved.” On top of that, he shared an image of what he claims to be another passenger exceeding the airline’s carry-on limit.

How Did Marlon Wayans Bring White Chicks Into The Discussion?

The stand-up comedy veteran’s most recent post on the matter involved his and brother Shawn Wayans’ 2004 comedy, White Chicks. If you’ve seen the movie, then you probably have an idea about what scene Marlon used to voice his displeasure with how things panned out with United. He shared the scene that famously sees his brother’s character saying “I’m so freaking pissed.” Check it out: 

While the scene itself is clearly meant to be humorous, it seems clear that it sums up just how the Bel-Air actor is feeling right now. Though being the comedic person that he is, he simultaneously appears to be lightening the tension surrounding his circumstance by calling out the movie he once threatened to make a sequel to

As of this writing, Marlon Wayans is still seeking an apology from United Airlines, which has yet to provide further comment on his account of events. Both sides appear to be standing firm in their respective positions so, right now, we can’t say for sure if this will be amicably resolved somehow. Until then though, Wayans may opt to keep posting and could reference some of his other famous movies in the process. 

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