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From Kuala Lumpur, I flew back to the United States via Tokyo, with the first leg on a Malaysia Airlines A350 in business class.

Malaysia Airlines A350 Business Class

Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur International Airport remain remarkably consistent. Malaysia Airlines too. Before the flight I had a light lunch (fish) in the Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge – First Class (using my oneworld emerald status), which still offers a la carte dining.

The A350 was full on this daytime journey to Tokyo Haneda, but I managed to snag a single seat despite booking my ticket last-minute (business class seats are staggered 1-2-1 and 1-2-2).

The business class seat itself is a common one: you will find it on carriers like Aer Lingus, Austrian, SWISS, and SAS. While not my favorite seat, with adjustable cushions and a a fluffy pillow it was comfortable.

Staff were truly lovely onboard, with attentive and gracious service from all four of the flight attendants who shared duty in the business class cabin. The gregarious purser in particular took a totally hands-on role and was visible and unmistakable (due to his great laugh) in providing cabin service during the flight.

Let’s talk about meal service, because I found it a bit strange. After takeoff, a light lunch was served. First, everyone was offered satay (and I find the satay on Malaysia Airlines to better than on Singapore Airlines).

But then the choice was egg noodles, sushi, or fruit. The egg noodle soup included chicken, prawn, and fish ball. It was by no means a bad dish, but that was it…not even bread or fruit or a sweet treat on the side.

It was not until we approached Tokyo that the “main” meal service, a pre-landing dinner, was served.

Dinner began with a smoked chicken appetizer, bread (served via basket), and dessert (bread butter pudding) all served on a single tray.

For my main course, I had pre-ordered filet mignon, which arrived cooked a bit too much for my preference, but still within acceptable range.

Dinner concluded with the dessert I had pushed to the side along with some fruit and ice cream.

Such a strange way to do meal service, though I am glad I ate some fish in the lounge prior the flight.


I will have more to say about this flight, including some of the other amenities onboard and the IFE, in my full flight review.

I took this flight first in first class (now called “Business Suite”) prior the pandemic and while I appreciate the extra space in the front cabin, I’d choose Malaysia Airlines business class again in heartbeat…particularly for the excellent service.

Now that I had reached Tokyo, I now faced an overnight ahead, where I ran into an interesting dilemma.

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