Madagascar Airlines firms up E190-E2s

Madagascar Airlines to join IATA BSP after debt settlement

17.05.2023 – 14:35 UTC

Madagascar Airlines (Antananarivo) plans to join IATA’s Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) by June/July 2023 as soon as it can settle the USD3.5 million liability in unflown tickets issued by Air Madagascar and Tsaradia.

This was the word from new CEO Thierry de Bailleul, who spoke at the Syndicat des Enterprises des Tour Operating (SETO) forum in Deauville, France, on May 10. “We will not open the BSP until we have this sum provisioned. So be reassured: any ticket issued is refundable and will be refunded at the request of each of you, “he told the tour operators present, reported the French travel trade publicationTourMaG. A spokesperson for the airline explained to ch-aviation: “The prerequisite for this entry to the BSP is to raise the amount of the deposit”.

As reported, Madagascar Airlines last month obtained its own air operator’s certificate (AOC) and operating license (OL), taking over the functions of Air Madagascar and its subsidiary Tsaradia which are in “redressement judiciaire”- a transitional bankruptcy protection period that forms part of…

Madagascar Airlines obtains own AOC, OL

19.04.2023 – 04:26 UTC

Madagascar Airlines (Antananarivo) obtained its own air operator’s certificate (AOC) and operating license (OL) from the Malagasy civil aviation authority (Aviation Civile de Madagascar – ACM) on April 17, 2023, the flag carrier announced.

Following a five-phase regulatory process launched nearly a year ago, Madagascar Airlines will now operate as a fully-fledged carrier, having met all requirements, the board of directors said in a statement.

In the coming months, Madagascar Airlines will resume long-haul flights to Asia and introduce ten new destinations in the coming years, they added.

Madagascar Airlines’ new chief executive officer Thierry de Bailleul has told the country’s Newsmada the airline is expecting the arrival of its first E190-E2 before June 26 but gave no further details. “We are also studying a certain number of solutions to start long-haul operations independently this year, with our own aircraft,” he said. “In the new business plan, we will have to find the management model so as to have both reasonable fares but at the same times high enough to cover our…

Editorial Comment: Added comments from CEO Thierry de Bailleul. – 19.04.2023 – 08:27 UTC

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