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A Guide to Italy’s Dazzling Lake Como

Italy’s Lake Como is one of those magical destinations that exceeds expectations—with its Renaissance painting-worthy villas, manicured gardens, and wooden speedboats coasting along a 29-mile-long body of water. Also, George Clooney. From the best villas to dining al fresco, here’s an insider’s guide to dazzling Lake Como.

Emirates Gives Premium Economy a First-Class Upgrade

Emirates Airlines recently unveiled its glamorous new premium economy class with plenty of first-class touches borrowed from, well, its first-class cabin. The new premium economy features the wider leather seats with foot rests, a separate check-in, and the carrier’s signature Chandon Vintage Brut Champagne.

Inside The Glamorous World Of Destination Fashion Shows

Ever dreamed of sitting in the front row of the chicest fashion shows in the world? Luxury brands are now transporting their runways to exotic destinations and spending small fortunes to fly influencers, press, and VIP customers to experience these lavish productions. Beyond the show itself, guests are typically invited to intimate dinners and given an opportunity to meet top executives of the brand. From a Gucci in Seoul to Dior in Giza, Egypt, here’s what you need to know about the glamorous world of destination fashion shows.

Travel Wise

The price of airline tickets is soaring—some 25% percent higher than last summer—and much of the rising cost is buried in hidden fees and extras. Carriers typically tout a low base fare on their sites, making you believe you’re getting a deal, and then begin to pile on the surcharges—for luggage, a roomier seat, bonus miles, etc. Here’s what you need to know about avoiding airline fees.

The Best Airline Food in the World—According to a Chef

“Airline food has undergone a major revolution in the past decade,” says Dennis Littley, a classically trained chef and food blogger behind the site Ask Chef Dennis “‘From locally sourced ingredients to bespoke menus, airlines are turning in-flight meals into unique culinary experiences.” From Singapore Airlines’ Book the Cook offerings to Turkish Airlines’ Flying Chef program, feast your eyes on the best the airline food.

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