JSO supporter eco-tycoon Dale Vince launches 'world's first electric airline'

Ecojet’s electric planes are also tipped to offer a serene and peaceful flight experience, thanks to their nearly silent electric motors.

Vince has also tried to assure the public his flight prices will be competitive.

The boss, who has invested £1 million in the company but will raise additional funds next year, told the MailOnline that the airline will price match with existing flights so “all can afford”.

However, Ecojet’s journey towards guilt-free air travel will not happen straight away.

The company plans to commence operations next year, but the first flights will rely on traditional polluting turbine engines until the hydrogen-electric powertrains receive approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). 

Retrofitting of the aircraft is scheduled for 2025, a year after the launch of conventional high-emission flights in 2024.

Article source: https://airlines.einnews.com/article/644855023/2P4EbXgbbrrv42YH?ref=rss&ecode=vaZAu9rk30b8KC5H

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