Jazeera Airways boosts Sarajevo to double daily

Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways will further increase operations between Kuwait City and Bosna and Herzegovina’s capital, with the airline to maintain two daily flights between the two cities. Starting July 1, it will run a morning and early evening service out of Kuwait. The double daily rotation will be maintained until September 9, when it will be decreased to thirteen weekly, followed by a reduction to two weekly from September 16, prior to their conclusion for the season on September 28. During the peak summer travel period in July and August, Jazeera Airways will be complemented by four weekly Kuwait Airways flights, resulting in a total of eighteen weekly services between the two capitals. With the latest additions, there are a total of 84.318 seats on the route this summer season, 82.8% of which belong to Jazeera, while the remainder to Kuwait Airways.

Article source: http://www.exyuaviation.com/2024/06/jazeera-airways-boosts-sarajevo-to.html

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