TOKYO – A Japanese domestic carrier has introduced an innovative travel option, offering unlimited all-you-can-fly passes for a mere 40,000 Japanese yen (under $300).

The month-long pass is exclusively available to passengers under the age of 26, enabling them to travel between Tokyo and the city of Kitakyushu, located around 600 miles southwest; the airline Starflyer’s headquarter is based in Kitakyushu.

Starflyer currently operates five domestic routes within Japan, but it is still unclear whether the pass will be extended to the carrier’s other routes.

When it comes to old passengers, they will need to pay a premium for the “Star Pass,” starting at 150,000 yen (£862); the aim of the carrier is to stimulate post-pandemic business, particularly among younger individuals who may face financial constraints in affording such journeys. 

Since announcing the campaign on 14 April, Starflyer has received an overwhelming response, with 550 applicants craving for the pass. To ensure fairness, a lottery system has been implemented to select 90 lucky winners who qualify for the offer.

This isn’t the first ‘adventure’ by Starflyer to introduce cost-saving initiatives. The airline previously launched a monthly flight subscription, encompassing flights between Tokyo and Fukuoka, with the added benefit of rental accommodation included in the package. 

The airline also offers discounts for differently abled people. The discounted fare is available for customers aged 12 and over who meet the following criteria:

  • Those who have received a physical disability certificate, a war-wounded certificate, or a rehabilitation certificate.
  • Those who have received a mental disability health and welfare notebook.
  • Caregivers who board the same flight as a passenger (one person)

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