Insane moment passenger pulls down her pants and attempts to pee mid-flight

She eventually gave in to the pressure and pulled her trousers back up, but continued to argue with the about access to the bathroom.

The person filming the incident can be heard saying “that poor boy next to us” seemingly about a youngster sitting across the aisle who had a clear view of the woman’s actions.

It’s unclear whether the woman knew the passengers she continued to argue with towards the back of the plane.

“Matthew Hartman and I had the most awful experience flying home from Florida this afternoon,” Voshell Hartman wrote on Facebook of the woman’s antics.

“A passenger was upset that she was required to sit in her assigned seat and decided to pull her pants down on the plane right in front of two children.

“I literately had a front-row seat to the spectacle.”

The woman also claimed the disruptive traveller “threatened to kill another passenger”. 

“She threatened me after I told her to sit down. I hope she was arrested and banned from flying again,” she said. 

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