IndiGo passenger shares video of missing seat cushion. Airline responds

A passenger encountered an unexpected issue while on board IndiGo flight number 5047 from Mumbai to Bengaluru. To his surprise, he discovered that his seat had a missing cushion. Compelled to share his experience, Ananth Narayanan, Founder of Mensa Brands, posted a video on social media, which quickly captured the attention of the people online, amassing over 15,000 views and sparking widespread engagement.


In his social media post, Narayanan expressed his frustration with the airline, stating, “2 hours late and no seats @IndiGo6E flight 5047! Service really seems to be deteriorating!” The video accompanying his caption revealed not just one, but two seats without any cushions.

The airline, IndiGo, promptly responded to Narayanan’s post in the comments section, apologising for the inconvenience caused. They assured him that a crew member was in contact and although they had attempted to reach him via his registered phone number without success, they were eager to resolve the situation. IndiGo reassured Narayanan, and by extension their customers, of their commitment to a comfortable journey, stating that the flight would soon be ready for take off.

Other passengers and social media users also voiced their concerns and dissatisfaction with the incident. One user pointed out the irony of the airline’s revenue being largely derived from food and beverage sales, yet neglecting the basic necessity of providing seats for passengers to comfortably enjoy those services. The sentiment was clear: such oversights were unacceptable for a reputable airline like IndiGo.

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Tiasa Bhowal

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Dec 3, 2023

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