A plus size influencer has shared how she suffers from ‘discrimination and discomfort’ when she’s on a plane. Alice Gilby, a size 4X model and influencer with more than 105,000 TikTok followers, is known for regularly documenting her day-to-day life on the video-sharing platform, recently showcasing to her followers how painful she finds flying due to her size.

The Canadian content creator, known as @curvy_chronicles on the social media channel, noted how flying as an overweight traveller means she is unable to lower her tray table and is forced to shimmy down the aisles sideways. Her viral video, which has amassed more than 359,000 views so far, shows how she has to use a seatbelt extender and sit next to the ‘smallest’ person in her family while travelling.

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Captured while on a plane, she said: “I’m plus-size and on a plane, of course, I can’t put the tray table down,” adding that it’s severely uncomfortable for her to travel because the armrest ‘digs’ into her hips. She also showed herself having to shimmy sideways down the aisle. Despite the clip going viral, comments were turned off on her post.

Another Canadian plus-size influencer has discussed their own qualms with flying in the past. Jae’lynn Chaney, 25, has documented her struggle to fit in plane seats and bathrooms, admitting she is often forced to purchase two seats in order to travel ‘comfortably’, previously demanding that the Federal Aviation Authority and airlines give overweight flyers as many free seats as they require to fly comfortably.

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