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IATA launched a next generation airline fuel consumption analytics solution at its AGM in Dubai this week.

IATA FuelIS uses “advanced analytics” to “optimise airline fuel consumption, using aggregated and anonymised flight and fuel data”, the aviation body said.

The tool is expected to be used by airline to benchmark their performance and to identify where they need to improve.

Nick Careen, IATA senior vice president operations, safety and security, said: “IATA FuelIS is a robust analytical tool for airlines to make both strategic and operational decisions to optimise fuel consumption, reduce fuel costs, and improve environmental performance.

“By enabling airlines to benchmark their fuel performance against aggregated industry data, airlines can understand where they excel and where they need to take action.”

FuelIS enables the efficiency of various aircraft types for different regions and times to be analysed by comparing fuel burn per Operational Tonne-Kilometer (OTK) with industry averages.

In addition fuel quantity at landing can be measured for aircraft and this can be benchmarked against the aggregated fuel quantities of all other airlines landing at the same airport.

OEMs can also use IATA FuelIS to gauge the fuel efficiency of their aircraft or engines against industry averages, gaining insights into specific markets, regions, countries, and fleet types based on real operational data and helping their customers to use their products effectively.

IATA FuelIS uses data from the IATA Global Aviation Data Management (GADM) system sourced from the Flight Data eXchange (FDX) program which now draws fuel data from 215 airlines worldwide.

Fuel currently represents nearly a third of the operational expenses of an airline. Since 2005, IATA has worked with airlines to identify fuel saving opportunities and the organisation said FuelIS “will further support this goal”.

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