I flew United after flying on 2 of the world's best airlines earlier this year and it made me realize how mediocre US carriers are comparatively
  • I’ve flown in long-haul economy on Singapore Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and United Airlines this year.
  • My most recent trip was on United after flying on Singapore and ANA — both considered 5-star carriers.

For the first time ever, United Airlines disappointed me.

Last week, I set off on my annual trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland — a month-long event in which the city is transformed into a theater paradise with shows covering everything from stand-up comedy to improv musicals.

I usually book United or Delta when I fly across the Atlantic, and the former was the cheaper option this year amidst spiking international airfare. In fact, I actually decided to fly via London and take a train to and from Edinburgh to save about $1,000.

Having flown United several times in the past two years — including both domestic and international — I know what to expect and have typically had a good experience.

However, this trip was different. It wasn’t necessarily that the flight was bad, the economy cabin was just noticeably worse than other airlines I’ve flown on this year — specifically, Singapore Airlines and Japan’s All Nippon Airways.

Here’s what my recent experience flying on United in economy was like and why I’ll have lower expectations next time.

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