Hawaii Airlines flight: damage from passengers thrown from their seats

On board the flight from hell: Shocking photos show damage after plane nosedived on the way to Sydney – throwing passengers from their seats

  • Hawaiian Airlines flight experienced ‘severe turbulence’ 
  • Photos show bent panels and cracked ceilings
  • Four people taken to hospital with injury
  • Passenger claims plane nosedived 1,000m in seconds 

Shocking photos have emerged of the damage caused inside a Hawaiian Airlines plane cabin after the flight was hit by severe turbulence while travelling to Sydney. 

The HA451 flight from Honolulu, in Hawaiia, hit strong winds and encountered ‘severe turbulence’ about five hours into its nine-hour and forty-five minute flight as it flew over the Pacific Ocean.

The aircraft nosedived sending passengers flying out of their seats and crashing onto the floor. 

Emergency services met those onboard the plane after it landed at 7.47pm at Sydney Airport on Friday. 

Paramedics treated a dozen people before taking one passenger and three flight attendants to hospital with injuries and back pain.

One passenger shared two images to Reddit of ‘cabin damage caused by human bodies flying out of seats’ after the plane hit shocking turbulence.’ 

The HA451 flight from Honolulu to Sydney encountered 'severe turbulence' throwing passengers from their seats. The ceiling panel in the walkway between the seats was bent out of shape after a person slammed into it (pictured)

Another image shared by a passenger on the flight showed a huge crack next to the control panel above a person's seat (pictured)

One image showed a ceiling panel in the walkway between the seats bent out of shape while another picture showed a huge crack next to the control panels above a passenger’s head. 

The traveller explained passengers and crew members were thrown around the cabin as the plane nosedived between 800 to 1,000 metres at a speed of about 950km/h. 

‘We were informed over intercom that the turbulence was about to get bad and we all needed to buckle up and not get up to use to bathroom’ they wrote. 

‘Before the sentence had finished the plane started shaking like mad before the nose got pushed down and the engines jetted us downward at 950km/h. 

‘The pilot recovered us after a few seconds – but according to the altitude readings on the in-flight radar on the screen from before, and after, the dive we dipped somewhere between 800m and 1km in those few seconds.’ 

Social media users criticised passengers for not wearing a seatbelt during the flight as the safety precaution would have prevented injury. 

However, the passenger called for an end to ‘the seatbelt comments’  claiming the time between verbal warning and the event was only a few seconds. 

‘Nobody can avoid peeing for an entire 11-hour flight, and the time between the verbal warning on the intercom and the event was barely a few seconds,’ they wrote.

‘Plus, most of the seriously injured people were crew who didn’t have the luxury of sitting around with their seatbelt on all the time.’

They added the screams of fellow passengers and crew members would stick with them forever and hopes those taken to hospital recover quickly. 

‘I think we’re just very shaken up by it all,’ they wrote. 

Hawaii Airlines explained the Airbus A330 was inspected before boarding and thanked Sydney airport first responders for their assistance. 

‘Our Airbus A330 aircraft carrying 163 passengers and 12 crew members landed without incident at Sydney Airport,’ Hawaiian Airlines said in a statement.

‘Our immediate priority is to continue to care for our passengers and crew affected by this turbulence event, and we thank Sydney airport first responders for their swift assistance.

The Airbus A330, carrying 163 passengers and 12 crew members landed safely at Sydney Airport. Twelve people were treated by paramedics with four taken to hospital with injuries

Hawaiian Airlines flight HA451 was hit with strong winds about five hours into its nine-hour and forty-five minute flight. A passenger claimed the plane nosedived between 800 to 1,000 metres in a 'few seconds'

‘We conducted a thorough inspection of the aircraft before boarding HA452, which departed Sydney to Honolulu,’ Hawaii Airlines said. 

It comes as hundreds of flights at airports in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane were plagued by widespread delays and cancellations due to strong winds and staffing issues. 

Travellers along the east coast faced airport chaos for a third straight day over the weekend as heavy winds brought flights to a standstill.

Passengers are being urged to arrive at the airport early for their flight and to keep up to date with their flight details. 

Article source: https://airlines.einnews.com/article/642666823/gKuCfgokCt2OYzI2?ref=rss&ecode=vaZAu9rk30b8KC5H

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