Greater Bay Airlines Collaborates with Sabre to Boost Global Distribut

Sabre Corporation, a leading global travel industry software and technology provider, announced a significant new distribution agreement with Hong Kong’s rising airline, Greater Bay Airlines, expanding Sabre’s footprint in the Hong Kong travel market.

Under the agreement, Sabre’s Global Distribution System (GDS) will be integrated into Greater Bay Airlines’ operations. The advanced technology system will provide the budding airline access to Sabre’s vast network of travel agents, online travel agencies, and corporations. This integration will significantly enhance Greater Bay Airlines’ visibility, enabling it to reach a broader audience and optimize its distribution reach.

Greater Bay Airlines, which launched its scheduled services in July 2022, is intensifying its focus on broadening its regional network from Hong Kong to key destinations including Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, and Ho Chi Minh City. The collaboration with Sabre is instrumental for the airline to enhance its distribution capabilities and execute its future expansion plans, said Gloria Slethaug, General Manager, Marketing and Sales, Greater Bay Airlines.

The Sabre-enabled expansion will bolster Greater Bay Airlines’ ambition to contribute to Hong Kong’s tourism growth, particularly by attracting increasing numbers of international and business visitors. Having recently added a sixth destination to its network with regular flights between Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City, Greater Bay Airlines is preparing to add more international services to its itinerary in the years to come.

The alliance has been enthusiastically welcomed by both entities. Rakesh Narayanan, Vice President, Regional General Manager, Asia Pacific, Travel Solutions, Airline Sales, Sabre Corporation, expressed excitement over welcoming Greater Bay Airlines into Sabre’s growing network of airline customers. Narayanan underscored the importance of the airline having access to a robust distribution platform for effective global reach as it focuses on expanding its business operations. Sabre looks forward to supporting Greater Bay Airlines’ flight operations as the airline continues to take to the skies.

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