Furious passenger rages at airport ticket counter as she smashes up computers

This is the shocking moment a furious passenger rages at a Volaris Airlines ticket counter after an airport agent refuses her a refund.

Maria Guadalupe, 56, was taken into custody at Mexico City International Airport after a flight reservation she made through a travel agency did not appear in Volaris’ system.

Mobile phone footage captured Maria standing on top of the counter’s baggage scale before slamming a computer screen to the ground after she was told to contact the agency to receive a refund.

She argued with shocked workers and launched a barcode scanner to the ground as stunned passengers watched on in disbelief.

She was caught shouting at one the agents: “If you don’t want to, don’t give me the money back. I don’t give a f***. But that’s going to cost you.

Maria Guadalupe launches into her furious diatribe
Maria Guadalupe launches into her furious diatribe

“Don’t give it to me. But you pay for that, and if you don’t want to, it’s very nice.”

Maria carried on her anger by walking over to a second counter, where she grabbed a screen and a keyboard and slammed the objects to the ground.

Security were seen in the coroner waiting for Maria to end her tantrum before escorting her away.

Volaris Airlines said in a statement: “A passenger reacted violently when she was notified that she had to complete the purchase of her flight.

She tears off the computer and launches it to ground
She tears off the computer and launches it to ground

“Apparently the lady had tried to make the payment with several credit cards without success, causing our fraud prevention system to issue a security alert.”

Auxiliary Police agents quickly intercepted the passenger as she was about to exit the airport and placed her into custody following the shocking outburst.

According to an incident report, she “caused damage to an airline counter at the AICM (Mexican City International Airport.”

In its statement, Volaris said its “ambassadors on site activated the corresponding security protocol with the support of the airport authority.”

She smashed the keyboard to the ground
She smashed the keyboard to the ground

The airline called the woman’s behavior “erratic and unfortunate.”

“For Volaris, the safety of its customers is of the utmost importance,” the airline’s statement read.

“For this reason, Volaris works closely with the authorities to permanently reinforce key procedures and ensure that no behaviour occurs that puts the integrity of our customers, ambassadors and crews at risk, whether at airports or on board our aircraft.”

Local reports state she destroyed four computers and four scanners which has prompted the airline to press charges against her.

She is accused of damaging equipment as well as disturbing peace.

The incident comes after a woman on board an American Airlines flight demanded to get off the plane at Dallas-Fort International Airport after she claimed a passenger was “not real.”

She told stunned passengers: “I’m telling you, I’m getting the f*** off, and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f*** off,” the woman could be heard yelling as she walked up the plane aisle. “And everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it. I don’t give two f***s.

“But I am telling you right now, that motherf***er back there is not real.”

The video, which has gone viral, was reportedly taken aboard a flight departing Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Article source: https://airlines.einnews.com/article/643470969/Hlw2NhE6YcbVeOpS?ref=rss&ecode=vaZAu9rk30b8KC5H

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