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Frontier Airlines Announces Changes to Check-In and Bag Drop Procedures

Starting next Wednesday, August 16, Frontier Airlines will be implementing changes to its check-in and bag drop procedures. In an effort to improve and expedite the boarding process, the airline will be closing its ticket counters one hour before the scheduled flight time.

The airline made the announcement via a post on its official Facebook account. According to the post, the objective of these changes is to encourage travelers to arrive at the airport earlier, ensuring that everyone is ready and accounted for at the indicated time.

Frontier Airlines stated, “Starting August 16, all Frontier counters will close for check-in and bag drop 60 minutes before (before 45 minutes) your flight departure. We remain committed to ensuring that you and your bags reach your destination without interruptions.”

The decision to close the ticket counters one hour in advance of departure time aims to streamline the check-in process and reduce delays. Frontier Airlines is prioritizing efficiency and ensuring a smooth boarding experience for all passengers.

To provide further guidance, flight expert Wilson Santiago de Mochileando took to his social networks to share important information for those flying with Frontier Airlines. He strongly recommended that travelers arrive at the airport at least three hours in advance of their scheduled flight.

“If you are going to travel with Frontier in the near future, know that they have just announced that as of August 16, they will close their counters to check-in and drop luggage one hour before your flight. If you travel with them, arrive at least three hours before at the airport, so you don’t miss your flight. Write this down because it is important,” Santiago advised.

These changes reflect Frontier Airlines’ commitment to providing a seamless travel experience for its customers. By encouraging passengers to arrive earlier and closing ticket counters one hour before departure, the airline aims to minimize delays and ensure that passengers and their luggage reach their destination without any interruptions. Passengers flying with Frontier are urged to take note of these changes and adjust their travel plans accordingly.

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