a man lying on the ground with a rope attached to him

Friday morning, video captured four representatives of Spirit Airlines attacking a man at a check-in counter at Baltimore’s Thurgood Marshall International Airport. 

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Brawl At Spirit Airlines Check-In Counter In BWI

Amateur video submitted to TMZ taken at Baltimore’s Thurgood Marshall International Airport showed a brawl between five men apparently taken at the check-in counter for Spirit Airlines.

The video starts as a man, presumably a passenger or friend or relative of a passenger, approaches the counter and several Spirit staffers with fists up, ready to fight. Four men responded by attacking the man and taking him to the ground, several of them clearly had badges around their necks, and at least two of them were in Spirit Airlines polo shirts. At least one of the staffers kicked the man well after the [customer] was subdued on the ground.

Once the [passenger] was on the ground, the attack continued from the uniformed staffers.

According to TMZ, authorities arrived on the scene and reported one man was slightly injured.

Is It Ever Self-Defense?

Based on this video, we don’t know what precipitated the confrontation. Without a doubt, words were exchanged before the non-Spirit staffer put his fists up first and approached the men working behind the counter. And though the man might have said he was going to attack them, ultimately, the staff members swung first.

I don’t think it can ever truly be self-defense if you swing first in a fistfight. I also think that as long as you’re wearing a uniform and acting in a professional capacity, there’s a greater duty to resist physical confrontation though that doesn’t mean allowing a customer to attack you either.

There’s no self-defense when it’s four-on-one against an unarmed man either.

Not Employees

In a statement to TMZ, Spirit was quick to point out that the uniformed staff members were employees of a third-party contractor and not direct employees.

“Meanwhile, a rep for Spirit tells us four employees of a third-party service they use have been suspended by that company pending an investigation into the brawl. Spirit says they do not directly employ the individuals.


I’d love to see the video before fists started flying to understand just what was said and how the situation began. It doesn’t really matter who said what to whom or that the man on the customer side of the counter put his fists up first, that doesn’t excuse a four-on-one brawl while you’re in a uniform working for a company. And it never permits you to kick the other person once they are on the ground and no longer fighting back. It’s a terrible look for those men, for the city of Baltimore, and for Spirit, but only the men who attacked are truly responsible for their actions.

What do you think?

image: TMZ/YouTube

Article source: https://airlines.einnews.com/article/716496907/iDoUivvvq17VRfLd?ref=rss&ecode=vaZAu9rk30b8KC5H

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