Five EX-YU airports below pre-Covid flights, capacity

Five airports in the former Yugoslavia will have fewer flights and less capacity in September when compared to the pre-pandemic 2019. These include Tuzla, Niš, Pula, Dubrovnik and Tivat. On the other hand, Podgorica and Zagreb will have fewer flights but will still see capacity levels exceed that of September 2019. Overall, Tuzla will see a decline of 55.1% in both the number of operated flights and capacity. Niš will register 18.9% fewer flights, with capacity down 13.9%. In Pula, flight operations will decline 34% on September 2019, with capacity down 37.7%. Dubrovnik flight numbers are down 15.6% with capacity down 12.2%, while Tivat will see 49.3% fewer flights, while capacity levels will be down 50.9%.

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